Case Study on PCI compliant infrastructure over AWS

Client Profile:

Client is a Travel technology company fulfilling users need for Travel, Tourism and Hospitality ticket booking along with provisioning individual ticketing or tour packages.

Use Case:

Being a travel website the top-priority for the client was an infrastructure which is Secure, Compliant, Highly available and Fast. After a lot of research client chose to go with Amazon Web Services for their requirements as it provides 99.99% uptime and has payment security competency. The Architecture was made PCI-DSS compliant as the monetary transactions were involved for the bookings.

Solution Implementation:

  • The environment was setup in Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for a high security and high availability.  
  • The Infrastructure was PCI compliant for payment method storage and security.
  • SSL certificate was installed on the server to encrypt the traffic, and secure it from phishing attacks. 
  • Configured the infrastructure in multiple Availability Zones for High Availability.
  • Setup backup policy for Disaster Recovery.
  • Monthly managed services are provided to ensure smooth & secure operation of the infrastructure. 
  • Architecture is setup with a scope of Geographical expansion as the client desires to expand the business overseas as well.

AWS Services Used:

  • Route 53 for DNS management.
  • EC2 instances with auto-scaling for hosting the application.
  • AWS Certificate Manager for SSL Certificate management.
  • Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) was used for the even distribution of traffic to the instances.
  • RDS Aurora is used as Database service.
  • Cloud front (CDN) is used for caching the static content across the Edge location’s and delivering with lowest latency possible.
  • S3 buckets were used for storing objects and logs.